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Tečni sapun za ruke i telo Bobice i 17 sibirskih trava.

299.00 дин.

Sapun od bobica za ruke i telo

Tečni sapun od Bobica za ruke i telo

Nežnost i udobnost.

Napravljen je uz dodavanje ekstrakta zrele brusnice, organskog ulja žalfije i ekstrakta jagode maline, odlično čisti kožu ruku i tela, negujujući je nežno i meko.

Težina: 500 ml



Agafia Berry Soap for Hands & Body

Tenderness and Comfort

Agafia Berry Soap brewed with the addition of the extract of ripe taiga cranberries, organic oils of sage and raspberry extract is perfect at cleansing the skin of your hands and body, treating it gently and lovingly. Siberian cranberries and sage oil are unique gifts of nature that have been appreciated for their beneficial properties since the most ancient times. The soap`s organic ingredients and healthy infusion of seventeen Siberian herbs collected in ecologically pure regions of the Altai Territory will take you to the special taiga world, shrouding you in the scent of wild herbs and ripe berries, giving your skin softness and comfort.

Volume: 500 ml

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Weight 500 g


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